Monday, February 18, 2008

God in Science and a Good Day With Bear,

God in the Sciences
So, I'm a senior, so I've seen most everything weird that could happen in a classroom. I have never seen what happened on Friday in my Physical Science class. The Prof lectured on the birth of the universe. A girl on the front row, obviously a freshman, raised her hand and worriedly said: So,like...what about God and - like - Jesus and stuff?

Personally, I'm not a religious person. I marvel at the beauty of the universe and the fact that we are the only known species that ponders abstractions like beauty and truth. I find solace in a higher power because I see no way for all of this to exist otherwise. I have no problem with religion. But I had a problem with the girl who asked this question. First, she should reconcile her faith and her science on her own time. Second, interrupting a lecture wastes not only the professor's time, but also mine (not a good thing). Third, she is an adult and should deal with her problems like one.

All said, I couldn't really get angry at her. Since a college Physics class could so easily shake her faith in something she built her whole life around, I could only pity her. Any thoughts or am I way out of line?

A Good Day with Bear
While Bear had lab until late on Valentine's Day and we barely got to see each other, we had a fantastically awesome time on Saturday. But first... at the beginning of the semester, Bear gave me 3:10 to Yuma as an early V-Day present; he knew he had to give it to me before I went out and bought it. So, on Valentine's Day, I wasn't expecting anything. Then I get this message, "You should come see your car today." When I got to the apartment, I found the sweetest messages and doodles drawn across my windshield. Needless to say, I was pleased.

But on Saturday...First, we saw Jumper, which was entertaining and unpretentious, completely satisfying in its delivery. After the movie we drove down into the Rock and ate at Chili's, playing tic-tac-toe until the food arrived. Trust me when I say that, though the meal was great, it was insignificant compared to the wholly divine dessert: seven layers of chocolate in a shot glass. On the way back to the dorm, we drove through an incredible lightning storm. At the end of it all, I mark it up as a good day.

All Work and No Play
Despite submitting all of my grad school applications and getting graduation forms in the bag, I was still constantly under stress. So after talking with Bear and my mum, I decided to cut a few hours at work so that I can focus more on my classwork and my novel. I love working with students and tutoring, but I didn't love going to bed at 11 and not getting to sleep until 3 because I'm so worried over what I didn't get to write.

Hopefully, I didn't offend anyone with the earlier section concerning the question asked in my physics class. Let me know what you think!

So say we all.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Technology Hates My Thesis and Some Etc. Artwork

I'm determined to have a more regular posting schedule this semester and so far, I feel I'm not doing too badly. This is the second post in less than a week. We're doing well my friends. Very well, indeed.

When Technology Rebels
Today, I meet with my thesis adviser to pass off two more chapters. I wanted to have more, but with the lightning storms, tornadoes and evil printers eating what little was left of my paper supply, I'm lucky to have that much. The other two chapters I wanted print off were either eaten whole or were not up to my usual standards. Graduate school applications and graduation rigmarole stressed me out, just a tad, so my blog schedule so far this semester pretty much mirrors my writing schedule. I am proud of what I'm turning in though - so at least, I have that.

Artwork to Appease the Tech Gods
Here and on my new Deviantart account, I give you a few pieces that accompany my novel/thesis. Please keep in mind that I am not a formally trained art student, nor have I had lessons in Photoshop 7. I'm self-taught, so please, let that temper your judgment of my artistic merit and any errors inherent in the work. Also, their heights are not accurate in this two pictures. The lady is actually about four inches shorter than the guy.

The character on the left is one of the more powerful females in my story. Fearre is the last of her House and leads her men into combat on giant wolves. In drawing her, I wanted her to be sexy and cool, but not the typical short-skirt stereotype. I think I balanced her fairly well. Fearre is a no nonsense sort of character and I hope her outfit and design show that.

The character on the right is one of my most tragic in his role as The Traitor. Laer always wants what he can't have and in the end, he destroys everyone and everything he loves to get it. He's a character torn between a few cultures and through the course of the story uses specific aspects of each to help him realize who he is. This is an outfit of his homeland, so it's not very culturally mixed. At some point, I'll do a sketch of him nearer the end of the story when he has settled on a specific look.

I'll probably post some more sketches on Sunday, but I'll drop by to post on everyone's Friday Snippets. See you then!

So say we all.

Monday, February 4, 2008

This Broadcast Continues...

An Explanation
After so long with no posts, I'm surprised this blog is still here. My deepest apologies. University has started up again, and with it all the stress that built up over the holiday season has come rolling down on me.

After I completed three admissions applications I was sure I could probably crawl into bed and sleep for the next four years without a single qualm. Once I complete the official graduation hullabaloo by Friday, life will settle back into the most pleasant of routines, I'm sure.

Amid all of this stress, the most wonderful thing has occurred. My creativity has returned after a long winter nap. I meet with my thesis adviser this week and hopefully my chapters will sing off of the page. As the semester goes on, I'll post sketches and summaries to accompany my progress in the actual writing process.

Imitation and Art
In my classes lately, I've noticed a trend where people consider imitation an art. I'm not sure how I feel about this just yet. I know in my own artwork, I learned through imitation and mimicry. At what point does a plot become original and innovative instead of cliche and predictable?

I know there came a point in my own work, as a writer and an artist, where I developed the techniques I learned and created an entirely new style that was mine alone. I'll probably continue this conversation in the next few posts but the question is plain: What differentiates art from imitation? Is learning through imitation hurtful or helpful to an artist?

An Offering and An Apology
In my illustrated narrative class, I was given the assignment to create a collage from several photographs and any other work I wanted. Below is the piece I created. Enjoy and please accept this as an apology for my long absence.

So say we all.