Monday, July 21, 2008

Steampunk and Avatar OR Bri Returns to the Blog

The Story Continues
I know I've been out of the blogging loop for a long time, but this summer, I'm back. I've recently settled in Richmond, VA and made a few major decisions regarding my writing. Over the summer, I revived an old obsession with the sciences and philosophy, two passions I put aside in college due to class load and thesis. I knew I wanted to write more than a simple children's story. I wanted make a statement on the role of religion and science, philosophy and personal choice.

I've also developed a more steampunk feel in my story. Taken from the old scientific romances of HG Wells and Jules Verne, steampunk worlds operate in a more Victorian era with steam powered engines and some technology like airships and rifles. I decided to try my hand at it after reading Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials and watching Last Exile and Avatar. With classy action sequences, clockwork mechanisms, early universities and the unsavory aspects of the industrial revolution, steam punk fits my story more than a medieval fantasy society dominated by monarchy.

Speaking of Avatar
On a last note, I wanted to show you some stuff from Avatar. This is the first piece of American animation that has caught my eye since Samurai Jack. Beautiful and stylized, without any of the bland colors of other kiddie cartoons, Avatar offers a cast of characters, all morally ambiguous and charming. An interesting cartoon and a delightful surprise. Its only a few minutes long, so please enjoy!

Holding the Line.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Humble House for Bri

So I've moved into my new home in Richmond. Its a two bedroom apartment, with the bedrooms upstairs and a pretty great living room downstairs. I've got a willow tree in my back yard and two huge oaks in the front. The pictures below offer proof. Behold and enjoy. I'll be back with more updates as they come.

My Living Room: Before and After
My Bed: Before and AfterNew Sketchbook, Phone and My Empty Peach JonesMy Humble AbodeNew Home, New Moi
Here I am, exhausted after a day of moving, shopping, drilling and wrenching new hardware and fixtures into my new place. I am happy, despite the disheveled look. Promise.
Holding the Line.